Born in Miami in 1963, I'm one of those unfortunately-named "tweeners," silly jargon for those who aren’t a part of the super-sized Baby Boom and yet not quite a sullen member of Generation X.

I lived in Florida for the first twenty-odd years of my life, but now I call Los Angeles home. The 1970s were a major influence on my outlook: Disco, "Star Wars" (before it became "Episode 4"), "Charlie's Angels" (before it meant Drew Barrymore), the glamour of the Bicentennial and of course, the incomparble "Match Game" ('73 was by far the best vintage).

I work for a major mutual fund company, have been in a relationship with the same person for more than two decades, and we have an amazingly intelligent dog named Jake. I love cheese, TiVo, world travel, disaster movies, freshly-roasted turkey, game shows, satellite radio, citrus-scented soap, and my BMW X3. I hate mushy cooked carrots, brussel sprouts, people who drive with expired out-of-state license plates, and having to hit the alarm button at 5:00 am.

Wanna buy me something? Here's a wish list:

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